A little about Amaryllis Lord

Greetings. My name is Kudakwashe Masiiwa. I am the founder of Amaryllis Lord, a charity organization registered that seeks to raise awareness on albinism from a professional and personal experience.
Amaryllis Lord Movement not only disseminates information on albinism but also seeks to empower those impacted by the condition. Through contributions from different donors and collaborations with other organizations, Amaryllis Lord has managed to provide sunscreen lotions, sanitary wear, hats and pay school fees for a number of those living with albinism in Zimbabwe.

Our organization is donor driven and no one is paid. We sometimes source donations from social media but we are looking into sustainable ways to assist the community with. Against this reality, we appeal to you for assistance to make sunscreen lotions provisions a success. We plan to assist at least 300 people with sunscreen lotions of an SPF of 20 and above, hats, and provide sanitary wear for all the women who will be in need of them in Zimbabwe.

Accessibility to sunscreen lotions by people impacted by oculocutaneous albinism’ in Zimbabwe

The lack of melanin predisposes this population to severe skin damage due to sunlight effects. People with albinism are therefore advised to protect themselves from sunlight effects by using different methods such as applying sunscreen products or covering their body with clothes/garments that will prevent the effects of sun rays. Sunscreen products protect against UV radiations from the sun by either, absorbing, reflecting, or preventing it from reaching deeper layers.  For people with albinism a SPF of 20 and above is recommended.

From my personal experience and working with the population, Sunscreen provision is alarmingly poor across the country, most health facilities do not have sunscreens especially those outside Harare, very little advice is offered on sun protection to PWA, nor is albinism included in health programs. One can go for a distance of more than 100km apart just to get a 150ml bottle.

The access to sunscreens is poor and usually limited to importation of cosmetic products of unaffordable prices, in this case I’m referring to them costing at least $14/bottle. People with albinism in Zimbabwe are among the disadvantaged group having low level of education to have employment with good salaries. Most of them are not employed as civil workers nor working in private sectors/non-governmental organizations but petty traders with unreliable low income sometimes less than a 1$/ day.

Accessing sunscreen lotions has proved to be difficult especially in this time of the pandemic. It is therefore my appeal to you to help us as a community to purchase them. In consideration for your assistance, we will make sure we are held accountable for every donation made. Records of all previous donations have been kept. You can follow our social media platforms on the following handles

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Past sunscreen donations by Beyond Vitiligo